October 17, 2018

Dear Dr. Roth,

As you know, I have been in pain management pain for some time. Before being your patient, I was previously treated in Carmel, IN for approximately 10 years. I was diagnosed with SLE (Lupus) almost 20 years ago. The disease primarily attacks my joints but has caused my body to attack my kidneys as well. Over the course of treatment regimes, one of the most important has been pain relief. I have suffered from debilitating back and neck pain for almost the entire 20 years. I have had numerous steroid injections, nerve oblations and finally both neck and back surgery. During a lot of the time I was working full time and raising my daughter as a single parent. Making it through the day was not an option, I had to function. Narcotic pain relievers were the solution my rheumatologist recommended (SLE doctor). I couldn’t take NSAIDS due to stomach issues, so this was my only viable solution. So, I did what the doctor suggested and I started down a very long road of more and more narcotics and then when those were no longer effective, a different medication. I know, try other avenues to relieve the pain. The problem is I did. I tried everything that was suggested: exercise, weight loss, diet, physical therapy, supplements, massage, acupuncture, bio-feedback, meditation, pain management clinic at mayo clinic, yoga and finally spinal cord stimulator. At the end of 2018 when my insurance company denied my final appeal for a pain pump, I decided I was done with narcotics in all forms and was going to try CBD oil to break free. I was fortunate that after all the years of taking opioids I hadn’t developed a physical or psychological addiction to the drugs. The prospect at 48 years old of living the rest of my life still in constant pain and taking more and more opioids was more than I could deal with. So I started weaning the narcotics over the next 4 months slowly, and started CBD oil I purchased at a flea market in Florida. I started my detox in January 2018 while in Florida helping my dad after hip surgery. Since that time, I have been narcotic free. My pain has improved immensely. I continue to use the CBD oil daily. As a byproduct, the CBD oil has reduced my anxiety. I have been able to get off not only the narcotics but also the benzodiazepine I took on a regular basis since 2009.

Kelly C.